With the development of the economy, my country’s scrap steel resources are gradually increasing. It is expected that by 2030, my country’s scrap steel resources will increase from the current 200 million tons to 300 million tons. Under the guidance of national energy conservation and consumption reduction, the reuse of scrap steel resources is particularly […]

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How to make refractory fire brick

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Fire Bricks The manufacturing process of fire brick is similar to ordinary bricks. The usual steps are: 1.Digging2.Weathering3.Tempering4.Moulding5.Burning Fire bricks are produced from fire clay. The burnings are carried out in a superior type of kiln under carefully graduated temperature control. Processes of burning and cooling are kept rather slow.You can

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1.Causes of corrosion of electric furnace lining during normal use During normal smelting, the furnace lining is in direct contact with high-temperature molten steel and slag, and the working conditions are very harsh. The reasons for furnace lining damage are: (1) Thermal spalling caused by arc radiation and chemical erosion at high temperatures. (2) The

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Since the introduction of continuous casting technology in the 1950s, continuous casting functional refractories were also born. Accompanied by the progress of metallurgical technology, the expansion of steel, casting billet quality and service life extension, continuous casting functional refractories have also been developed significantly to improve the flow control, rectification and protection of the casting

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