Tap Hole Brick

Tap hole blocks are subject to extreme wear due to continuous contact with flowing molten copper. Tap-hole blocks are made from fused large crystal magnesite, high purity graphite, powdered metal anti-oxidants and resins. The mono tap-hole blocks are shaped through isostatic pressing and the split tap-hole blocks are shaped through machine pressing. EAF Tap-Hole Block feature good oxidization resistance, high strength, excellent erosion resistance, long service life and easy installation. Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories’ custom designed, single-piece tap hole blocks ensure high wear and oxidation resistance. They can be installed quickly and easily, integrating seamlessly with hot face bricks and DryVibe safety lining.

Tap Hole Brick Advantages:

For fast EAF taphole exchange in hot condition
Rapid change of the taphole from below
Higher availability of the furnace
Less physical strain on operating personnel
Safe working conditions
Complete solution:
1.Removal of end brick 2. Breakout of the channel bricks 3. Installation of new taphole bricks 4. Pumping of refractory mix into the annular gap

Tap Hole Brick Features and Benefits:

High density bonded SiC material
Excellent strength and erosion resistance at operating temperatures
Thermal shock resistance
Engineered shapes
Proven performance
Long service life Increased reliability in the most critical part of the furnace
Easy installation
Reduced maintenance


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