Submerged Entry Nozzle

Submerged entry nozzle is suitable for use in casting various types of steel such as high concentration oxygen-containing steel, high concentration Mn-containing steel, Ca-treated steel, and stainless steel. During a process of continuously casting steel, a submerged entry nozzle is usually employed to introduce molten steel from a tundish into a mold. Submerged entry nozzle, SEN, is a kind of ceramic or composite tube. This tube in continuous casting machine is installed bet ween a reservoir (tundish) and copper mold. The main function of this tube is not only deliver and control the flow direction of liquid steel into the mold but also to protect reoxidation of liquid steel during transfer from tundish into mold. In general, SEN should be durable or stable at high temperature during long sequence casting. One important factor on life time of SEN during operation is preheating of SEN itself. The continuous casting process is the most vital part of steelmaking. The flow pattern near the submerged entry nozzle (SEN) and mould greatly influence the quality of the slab produced.

Submerged Entry Nozzle Features:

· Ultimate production and conformity quality
· Special designs for quick change systems and thin slab casters
· Monolythic pressing of the different materials for a homogeneous structure
· High erosion resistant zirconia materials in the slag zone for long casting times
· Different methods and materials against Alumina clogging
· Submerged Entry Nozzles for the usage without preheating (Cold-Start SEN)

Submerged Entry Nozzle Characteristics:

1.Good sealing: It has a good fit with our plug products, and the sealing performance is good after the stopper and the nozzle are
2.Anti-erosion: Advanced material formulation to effectively resist the physicochemical effects of the melt.
3.Antioxidant: Advanced anti-oxidation mechanism to ensure good protection of graphite in products.
4.High temperature resistance:1770 °C – 2000 °C
5.High strength: high-quality materials, high-pressure pressing, reasonable combination, high temperature strength, scientific
product design, high anti-scour ability.
6.Long service life: could use more heats by a long working life

Submerged entry nozzle for introducing molten steel into a casting mold comprising:

1. nozzle structure defining a central bore and two transverse exit ports communicating with the bottom of said central bore;

2.said central bore terminating at an upwardly dish-shaped bottom surface that extends to the periphery of said nozzle structure and forms the lower surface regions of said exit ports, whereby molten steel flowing across said’upwardly dish-shaped bottom surface is directed outwardly and upwardly from said nozzle structure.


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