Slag Stopping Ball

What is Slag Stopping Ball?

The principle of slag stopping ball: its density is between the steel’s and slag’s density(usually 3.8g/cm3~4g/cm3). Before the tapping ends, it is released by the mechanical arm and it sinks to the taphole mouth,therefore blocking the slag. There are simple structure and low cost for slag stopping ball, which can meet all technological requirments.

The advantages of Slag Stopping Ball

The use effect of the slag retaining ball can be evaluated by observing the shape of the steel nozzle. When the slag is good, the steel water should be in a circular flow.In addition, it can be judged by the color of the lower slag.The action of the grooves in the trap is to prevent the slag from flowing out of the steel.The effect of the slag retaining ball can be evaluated by the thickness of the slag layer in the ladle, the energy saving block ball and the alloy yield.The slag layer thickness is small, the slag ball is blocked, the alloy is high, the slag ball is used in steelmaking, and the slag is good.If you have any questions, or if you need anything, you can call us at any time.We will do everything we can to help you.

Slag Stopping Ball Structure:

It is obvious that the reasonable density is 4.2 ~ 4.59/ cm3.The slag ball is a spherical structure, and its center is composed of cast iron blocks, raw iron chips or small scrap steel.High alumina refractory concrete or refractory bricks can be used as high bauxite refractory concrete or magnesium-quality refractory mortar.The diameter of the deflector ball should be slightly greater than the diameter of the steel hole to play the slag.The slag ball is usually put in between 2/3 and 3/4 steel, and the slag ratio is high.The slag is too sticky to affect the slag blocking effect.The slag can be put into the slag ball to improve the slag ratio.


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