Silica Ramming Mass

Silica ramming mass is made up of refractory aggregate and powder,binder and additive proportionally,using ramming method during construction. Silica Ramming Mass, also known as Acidic Ramming Mass, plays a crucial role in induction furnaces during melting of steel. This substance is used to line induction furnaces. Ramming mass has a very important quality of withstanding and easily absorbing thermal shocks. It also does not develop cracks during frequent power cuts in the operation of the induction furnaces. They are commonly used in metallurgy, building materials, non-ferrous metal smelting, machinery and manufacturing industries. As an intermediate frequency furnace ramming material, Refractory Ramming is applied to melt gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, malleable cast iron, vermicular cast iron, and cast alloy steel; to melt carbon steel, alloy steel, high manganese steel, tool steel, heat resistant steel, stainless steel, molten aluminum and its alloys; to melt red copper, brass, white brass, bronze and its alloys, etc.

Silica Ramming Mass is being supplied by us at very affordable prices. Silica Ramming Mass is extracted following stringent quality parameters as per standards to ensure unmatchable quality. We offer Silica Ramming Mass in standardized packaging to keep it’s quality intact.

Silica Ramming Mass Advantages:

♦High refractoriness to with hold operating temperature
♦High corrosion resistance towards steel & slag
♦High electrical resistivity to prevent short circuiting
♦Suitable upto 1730ºC
♦Consistent quality (purity 98.65%)
♦Grain-sizes mixed according to capacity of the furnace
♦Free of iron oxide (FeO)
♦Minimum expansion & contraction at high temperature (treated)
♦Moisture free and sea worthily packing
♦Low down time for furnace lining

Ramming Mass Application:

Silica ramming mass is used for the lining of smelting furnace etc thermal equipment such as ,Blast furnace iron runner and slag runner,Hot-blast cupola furnace,Lining of blast furnace,Molten steel ladle,Electric arc furnace(EAF),Matte smelting everberatory furnaces, Lining of inductionfurnace,Converter,Steel refining furnace,Rotary kiln etc.

Ramming Mass Features:

1) Consistent and evaluated lining and life.
2) Makes sure the wastage is minimum.
3) Blending is perfect due to the fine granules.
4) Perfect thermal stability.


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