Neutral Ramming Mass

Neutral Ramming Mass is used in the lining of induction furnaces. Quality of this is directly related to the heating performance of the furnaces. Offered ramming mass is manufactured by our expert professionals using excellent quality material. Widely used in industries like construction, abrasive blasting, rail road, water purification and foundry, the offered Neutral Ramming Mass is examined by our expert professionals. Neutral ramming masses are a unique, chemically neutral foundry solution that form joint-less linings. The in-situ spinels synthesise at high temperatures inside the refractory lining, creating a unique 3-layer structure. The outermost layer in contact with the molten metal is a hard, sintered surface, followed by an intermediate fritted layer. The innermost layer stays in a powdery form.

Property of Neutral Ramming Mass :

1.easy to use
2.hardening at room temperature
3.high temperature strength
4.thermal expansion rate
5.strong glass erosion

Application of Neutral Ramming Mass:

Neutral Ramming Mass with Corundum Refractory for Induction Furnace are widely used for electric furnace bottom, various  blast  furnace  slag runner and iron runner.

Neutral Ramming Mass Advantage:

Good resistance to temperature change
Short heating and sintering time through dry preparation of masses.
To protect the Induction furnace coils with higher lining life.

Neutral Ramming Mass Features

Homogenization temperature and composition of molten steel Consistency in shape and size
Using high purity raw materials in aggregate and matrix
Extremely low content of impurity and fluxing material
Very high purity system, only
High intensity, Excellent resistance for high-temperature metal liquid and slag
Excellent insulating function, low energy consumption
Excellent Compressive Strength form very strong sintered layer to withstand shock and mechanical stress during operation to ensure sufficient gas flow. It is excellent in argon stirring and high in resistance against erosion.


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