Monoblock Stopper

Monoblock Stopper is used mainly for flow control on Molten Steel poured from tundish to mould. Monolithic Stopper is installed in the Tundish above the Sub Entry Nozzle and the gap between stopper head and Nozzle decide the throughput requirement of Molten Steel inside the Mould. Argon can be blown into the tundish through argon inlet to prevent nozzle from Clogging ( specially designed feature wherever it is required we design and customise accordingly). According to quality of materials, monoblock stopper of our company can be classified into alumina carbon, aluminum-zirconium carbon and aluminum-magnesia carbon.

Monoblocks Stopper can be provided with many combinations of Mixes to provide Consistent Control on Metering Function. Steel grades with Sulfur, high Ca ppm, High ppm of O2 content, Stainless Steel, etc need different materials in Stopper Head so as control on Metering Function is well maintained and a Running Stopper does not happen.

Monoblock Stopper Performance Characteristics:

Our Monoblock stopper has the following characteristics:
1.Anti-erosion: Advanced material formulation to effectively resist the physicochemical effects of the melt.
2.Antioxidant: Advanced anti-oxidation mechanism to ensure good protection of graphite in products.
3.High temperature resistance: use temperature 1770°C<2000°c.
4.High strength: high quality materials, high pressure pressing, reasonable combination, high temperature strength, scientific
product and high anti-scouring ability.
5.Less pollution: The material is designed with the relationship to the metal being smelted and the process
characteristics,without any harmful impurities.
6.Long service life: ductile iron casting life is generally not less than 48 hours, gray iron casting is generally not less than 72 hours.

Monoblock Stopper Advantages:

1. Excellent thermal shock resistance;
2.The good mechanical properties and resistance to vibration;
3.The molten steel and slag erosion resistance;
4. It must be with gas seal device.Long nozzle material generally have fused quartzose and aluminum carbonaceous.


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