Mica Paper

Mica paper is made by hydraulic separation process using the best quality of mica (muscovite, phlogopite, synthetic or calcined) mica, which is in first stage converted into pulp and then pressed in the form of paper in rolls. Mica paper is mainly used in all kinds of micanite plates and micanite tapes. Mica paper are used to provide structure for heating wire (such as in Kanthal or Nichrome) in heating elements and can withstand up to 900 °C (1,650 °F)

Mica Paper Advantages:

excellent insulating property (electrical and thermal)
high temperature resistant (up to 1 000 °C)
high tensile strength
good resin penetration and air permeability
homogeneous distribution of granularity and structure.

Mica Paper Composites

Mica splittings with varnished glass adds toughness and strength to the plate. Excellent for applications such as slot lining or coils wraps.

Mica Paper Process

The mica paper process mainly includes seven steps: sorting, crushing, pulping, papermaking, forming, pressing, and drying. Among them, the four steps of papermaking, molding, pressing and drying are already quite mature processes in mica paper production, so the three processes of mica crushing, sorting and pulping are the most important parts of the entire mica paper production process. The quality of a process is directly related to quality.


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