Light Calcined Magnesia Ball

There are four main benefits of using Caustic calcined magnesite (Magnesium ball ):
1. Slag basicity suitable for slag splashing and furnace protection: R (CaO/SiO₂) is about 3.5
2. Suitable amount of slag (ton steel): 90—100kg/t
3. Proper slag splashing time: 2–4min
4. Control the MgO value of the final slag:
5. The content of MgO in the final slag (recommended value %) select the appropriate light burned magnesia ball: MgO≧45%, and adjust the composition of the light burned magnesia ball according to the final slag situation of the converter.

Light Calcined Magnesia Ball Specifications:

Light Burnt Magnesium Oxide Ball
1.Stable quality performance
2.Protect the furnace
3.Reduce consumption

Light Calcined Magnesia Ball

Light burned magnesia powder, short for light magnesia powder, is a kind of activated Magnesium Oxide obtained by calcining of magnesite, brucite and magnesium hydroxide extracted from sea water or brine through calcining at about 800~1000. Light burned magnesia powder is light yellow, light brown powder, the size of most of the grain is below 100 mesh, periglast crystal is very small, the density is 3.07~3.22g/cm3, the lattice constant is large, the lattice defect is large, the lattice defect is many, the texture is brittle, the structure is porous, the reaction activity is very large, the solid state reaction or sintering is easy to be carried out, and the action of water is formed to harden the Mg (OH) and bond energy Power.

Magnesite calcined at 750-1100 temperature is called “light burn”. Its product is called light burned magnesia powder, or referred to as light burning powder. Light burned magnesia powder is mainly used to make cementing materials, thermal insulation and sound insulation building materials, and can also be used as ceramic raw materials.

Heavy burned magnesium powder is mainly made of light burned powder, and is prepared by water separation, hydrolysis, solid-liquid separation, drying, calcination and grinding. The production of heavy Magnesium Oxide has high quality requirements for light burned magnesia powder. Generally, high-grade magnesia powder produced by high quality magnesite should not be lumped by damp.

Light Calcined Magnesia Ball Application:

Caustic calcined magnesite (Magnesium ball ) is used as slag control agent for slag splashing in converter. Reasonable slag composition is the key to implement slag splashing protection, because slag splashing requires proper viscosity and fire resistance. General slag can not be directly splashed furnace protection, need to add a certain amount of magnesium oxide ball to adjust, and replace the use of dolomite, reduce the amount of slag, improve the content of MgO in slag. As MgO is a high melting point mineral, the melting point of 2800℃, the increase of MgO content in slag makes the slag viscosity become larger, the fireproof degree improves, the slag is easier to be combined with the lining, forming an effective slag protective layer on the lining, thus improving the lining life and reducing consumption.


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