Ladle Slide Gate Plate

Slide gate refractories aree roughly classified into plates and nozzles. In both of them, durability is strongly influenced by operational conditions like the kind of steel, casting time, molten steel temperature, amount of steel and so on. The corporation, therefore, selects and recommends the optimal material and brick design in consideration with the conditions for each respective client. Slide gate refractories used in ladle slide gate systems. On the other hand, we offer repair services to our customers for slide gate plates. slide gate plate system has been developed rapidly due to its good control ability and can improve the efficiency of steel production.Now, the sliding water port system is widely used in the ladle and tundish.

The ladle slide gate systemis one of the critical flow control com-ponents in the steel casting process. The basic function of the ladle slidegate system is to control the flow of the liquid steel from the ladle to the tundish. In the steelmaking process, one of the most significant refractories for continuous steel casting is the slide gate plate, which is used for precise flow control and safety. Slide gate plates, as indicated in the diagram below, regulate the flow of steel from the steel ladle to the tundish. Because they come into touch with hot liquid steel, the refractories used for slide plates should have higher hot strength qualities. Slide gate plate refractories are utilized in ladles and tundishes where they are subjected to thermal stress and physical abrasion from molten metal and slag. As a result, the slide gate plate must be resistant to thermal shock as well as corrosion. The structure of slide gate plate refractories determines the capacity and cost of steel production. The slide gate plate can be manufactured of alumina/graphite or magnesia/graphite, depending on the steel production requirements. In recent years, alumina/carbon refractories have become increasingly popular in order to avoid fuming caused by pitch, which was previously utilized in the plate, and to improve durability and service environment. The downside of alumina/graphite is that it is eroded quickly by “Ca” treated steel and strong oxygen contacts. Basic materials have better corrosion resistance than neutral metals, and their corrosion resistance varies depending on the steel grade. However, due to their high thermal expansion coefficient, neutral metals have reduced thermal spalling resistance. When high-temperature fluids, such as molten metal, flow through the nozzle of a slide gate plate, a large temperature difference occurs between the inside and outer parts of the slide gate plate that are away from the nozzle hole, causing thermal shock to some of the materials that make up these parts. As a result, the gate plate device is made of refractory material with strong thermal shock resistance but low fineness.

Ladle Slide Gate Plate Advantags:

Wide range of refractory qualities
Permanent research of new refractory compositions
Adaptation to the steel process of each plant
Adaptable to most existing sliding valve systems

The notes for using slide gate plate

1.Hot mechanical damage, hot chemical erosion and misoperation are the main three reasons for the damage of slide gate plate;

2.Use alumina zirconium carbon slide gate plate, ensure slide gate plate has good erosion resistance and thermal shock resistance; use slide gate and mechanism with reasonable design and even stress distribution, the service life of slide gate plate can be effectively improved;

3.Follow the standard operation procedure during the tapping of molten steel; right and good maintenance of refractory material slide gate plate can also improve the service life of slide gate plate.


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