Ladle Shroud( Long Nozzle)

Ladle Shroud (Long nozzle) , submerged entry nozzle and monolithic stopper refractory products for continuous casting are prepared by taking corundum, flake graphite, light-burnt alumina, fused mullite-zirconia, fused stabilized zirconia, silicon carbide and silicon powder as the raw refractory materials and phenolic resins as the adhesives through the procedures of material mixing, cold isostatic pressing, fine lathing and anti-oxidization coating spreading. The refractory products dispense with the high-temperature burning process, lower the cost per ton, reduce the labor intensity and speed up the processing cycle.

Ladle Shroud (Long Nozzle) Advantages:

1.Excellent thermal shock resistance.
2.High strength at high temperature.
3.Excellent resistance to erosion.
4.Good resistance to rushing scour.

More details about Ladle Shroud (Long Nozzle):

Aluminum-carbon-based Ladle Shroud (long nozzle) is a functional original used in thesteel smelting process. Due to the addition of graphite,the service life reduction of the longnozzle caused by the oxidation of graphite should be avoid. Generally,the surface of the long nozzle is coated with a layer containing 20%~30%Al2O3 anti-oxidation coatings to meet the requirement. However,during the smelting process of wire-cutting steel and other special steels,it is necessary to strictly control the content of Al2O3 in the molten steel. Therefore,it is requested to reduce the content of alumina in the anti-oxidation coatings applied to the surfaceof the ladle shroud in the smelting process to prepare low alumina content of antioxidantcoatings.


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