Ladle Purging Plug

Ladle purging plugs always come in a steel cone in order to ensure a gas tight connection between plug and purging gas supply. For installation a refractory mortar is put onto the steel cone and subsequently the plug is mounted into the block/ladle bottom. Our Ladle Purging Plug with competitive, it’s not only a refractory material purging plug for ladle but a metallurgical material of gas purging ,made from high-purity, high-density, high-strength corundum based materials and a matrix-adjusted is not a Refractories For Tundish but for ladle. Different with Tundish Nozzle Material for Tundish Nozzle Uses ,it’s a Steel Ladle Refractories.Purging plugs, with unique radiated through-slots structure, show the features of stable structure, high and adjustable gas-flow, high purging rate, good corrosion/erosion resistance and long service life

Ladle Purging Plug Advamtages:

-Verious porous plug to different requiremnt
-Operate simply,Don’t need subsidiary facilities
-Long service life
-Good corrosion resistance
-Not easy jam
-Ventilaion rate is high
-Steel don’t splash

Different types of purge plug for ladle

1.Disperse type. It is composed of grains which are used for adjusting the purge plug, which makes it highly permeable. But the permeability can not be manually controlled, it is with low strength and service life.

2.Slit type. The air gap is formed by the septas between the micro dense sheets. Air is blown into refining ladle through these gaps. The adjustability of blowing capacity is better than disperse type but still not easy to control.

3.Aligned pore type. It is produced by putting different numbers of thin stainless steel pipes inside. The air volume and distribution can be manually controlled by this type of purge plug, it is also with higher service life.

4.Maze type. It is produced by putting a netted air supplying tunnel in the fine and closely woven base. Air volume can be easily controlled. Even if one pass is blocked by the penetrated molten steel, air still can go into the refining ladle through other passes.

5.Maze combined with aligned pore type. It combines the advantages of both aligned pore type and maze type, thus offers better performaces.

More details about Ladle Purging Plug

The installation of the porous plug on the ladle bottom is useful in homogenizing temperature and chemistry, better slag/metal interaction for impurity removal, faster processing through ladle metallurgy stations, higher yields. However, stirring is associated with increased bottom wear and shorter campaign life due to the abrasion of the bottom. Vigorous purging leads to bath turbulence which causes wear of the side walls. Thus ladle stirring is detrimental from the refractory point of view. The position and the number of plugs are also essential in determining the effectiveness of the purging. Although, ladle stirring can also be brought about by the use of electromagnetic stirring. Ladle porous plug system essentially consists of a plug, sleeve, block, shell, C clamp,tie-down system. Sleeves provide stability to the plug and the air setting plastic provides good strength and minimal shrinkage in service to prevent any joints or looseness in the material. Mortar is added to compensate for the horizontal expansion of the plug.


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