Ladle Nozzle

Ladle Upper and lower nozzles are resin bonded products based on corundum, magnesium aluminate spinel and graphite as main raw materials. Nozzle and well block for ladle have excellent thermal shock resistance, high temperature strength and good corrosion and erosion resistance. Well blocks of corundum based, corundum-spinel based and corundum-chrome based have excellent high temperature properties, which can ensure longer service life in use together with nozzles as part of slide gate system. Ladle nozzle have the advantages of high strength, good erosion resistance, thermal shock resistance and good stability etc. Ladle nozzle long service life in actual use and good reputation.

Ladle Nozzle is a type of refractory products used in the process of non-stop casting of steel. They are part of the components of refractories to a steel casting slide gate. They are an integral replaceable part of the nest block. Designed to form a jet of metal, are included in the connection with a refractory slide plate.

Ladle Nozzle Use with Ladle Slide Gate Plates:

Our ladle nozzles are matched with our slide gate plates for using, adopt bauxite and carbon as raw material, and have high strength and good steel resistant, we have specialized in slide gate nozzles for over 30 years. The slide gate plate, ladles nozzle and collector nozzle are the control device of molten steel in the casting process of the continuous caster. It can accurately adjust the water flow from the ladle to the continuous casting tundish to balance the inflow and outflow of molten steel, so as to make the continuous casting operation easier to control and an indispensable part in smelting. The sliding nozzle is generally composed of driving device, mechanical part and refractory part (upper and lower sliding plates and water outlet).

What are the 3 main types of Refractory Nozzles?

Different types of spray nozzles
Flat Fan Nozzles.
Hollow Cone Nozzles.
Full Cone Nozzles.
Solid Stream Nozzles.


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