Ladle Filling Sand

Ladle sand (filler sand) is a type of compound sand used by foundrymen to protect the tap/slide gate at the egress point of the ladle, and also at other points throughout the pot. Filler Sand for Ladle Nozzle is poured on the ladle slide gate door with the role of protecting the ladle slide gate is amongst the materials which in spite of its low consumption plays an important role in optimized steel manufacturing such that opening of the slide gate should happen with no time delay since regarding continuity of steel slab production process, any stop in production, in addition to loss of time it also increases the production expenses.

Ladle Filling Sand Application

High refractoriness and heat resistance to a temperature of up to or greater than 1700C. Excellent physical and chemical resistance and not affect analysis and fusion compounds during melting operations.

How is ladle filler sand used in foundries for pouring metal?

A ladle is used in the foundries to receive molten metal or steel and to move it between furnace and where it is to be casted into a mould. The metal is at extremely high temperatures and is liquid. At the opening of the slide gate, the majority of the casting ladle sand will flow out from both the nozzle and the area around the gate, while the ferrostatic pressure in the ladle which is being exerted by the steel will cause the sintered layer to break, thereby releasing the molten metal.


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