High Alumina Brick

High Alumina bricks are refractory bricks which has Alumina content of more than 50% . These are generally made from calcined bauxite or material having high alumina content . High Alumina bricks can withstand very high temperature (1200 deg C – 1700 deg C) as compared to normal fire bricks and are thus used in high temperature zones of boilers, kiln, furnaces etc. The manufacturing of high alumina brick is very similar; powdered bauxite is sintered with ceramic and fired at temperatures upwards of 1,470C, producing an enhanced fire brick with properties that defer greatly from both conventional ceramic and clay. We are the leading names in supplying alumina bricks and our capabilities have made us strong to produce even better quality alumina bricks. Our experts and teams have made us superior in delivering the services as per customers. Our alumina bricks are best suited for industrial purpose since they can survive in any temperatures and pressures.

High Alumina Firebricks have excellent thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance. These 60 to 80 Grade bricks also excel in low Iron applications and there composition means they can be treated harshly in terms of turning temperatures up and down fairly rapidly.

High Alumina Brick Advantages:

Excellent high temperature performance and firing
Excellent acid and vase residue resistance
Excellent thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength
Strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance
Prolonging furnace life
High bulk density
Low iron content

Refractories manufactures high-alumina bricks with an Al₂O₃ content range of 45 % to about 99 % and based on natural raw material sources and synthetic raw materials such as:
Fused alumina and sintered corundum
Fused mullite and sintered mullite
Andalusite and kyanite
Calcinated fireclay

Common Applications of High Alumina Brick

Anyone can take advantage of the benefits of high alumina brick. However, the most common applications are in large-scale industrial processes. These are just a few of the industries that rely heavily on this type of refractory brick:

Refractory Industry
Cement Manufacturing
Liquid-steel ladles

To put it simply, any industry that relies on either a furnace or kiln and wishes to get the most out of their refractory lining can benefit from using high alumina brick; it lasts longer, insulated better, and is overall more energy-efficient than conventional brick.


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