Green Mortar Mass

Green mortar manufacturers use a particular type of combination that stops cracking, Green mortar supliers provide this strong mixture to theindustries that involve furnaces and kilns for heavy metallic processes.Green mortar exporters ensure high purity in the mixture to increase the durability of the structures in challenging conditions. Selection of binder is necessary to maintain the integrity of the castable refractory setup. The kilns, chimneys, and furnaces tolerate hightemperature which is why a robust choice like Green Mortar is mandatory to hold the firebricks together.

Green Mortar Mass Advantages:

The green mortar mass is convenient for customers to transport and use. It has strong fluidity, no sintering, and no steel leakage. It is also commonly used in the tundish quick-change nozzle. The green mortar mass is used between the slide gate plate and the mechanism to prevent the slide gate plate from loosening steel and sticking to the machinery during use.


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