EAF Bottom Ramming Mass

EAF Bottom Dry Ramming Mass. Based on scientific method, EAF bottom dry ramming mass is made from synthetic high iron and high calcium sand, high purity megnesia and some additives, which is characterized with erosion resistance, impact resistance, scour resistance, thermal shock resistance. EAF bottom dry ramming mass is a dried material, which is easy to be constructed at the bottom of EAF and be used directly after constructing and free of baking, in this way, EAF bottom dry ramming mass can greatly improve EAF working efficiency and service life.


EAF Bottom Ramming Mass Advantages:

High-quality synthetic MgO-CaO-Fe2O3 is used as raw material with reasonable particle size distribution. It has good sintering property, strong corrosion resistance, convenient construction, strong integrity, can be constructed for the first time, and can also be hot-repaired. It is suitable for high-power electric furnace, ultra-high-power electric furnace bottom, furnace slope and other parts. The electric furnace bottom dry ramming material comprises magnesia calcium iron sand and high purity fused magnesia, wherein the magnesia calcium iron sand comprises 30% to 83% of MgO, 55% to 8.5% of CaO, 1% to 8% of Fe2O3, at most 1.3% of Al2O3, at most 1.5% of SiO2, and at most 3.2% of other materials, the loss on ignition 1L is not high than 1.0%, and the body density is not lower than 2.5 g/cm<3>;

Maintenance of EAF bottom’s ramming mass:

1. The slag resistance of EAF bottom ramming mass is not very good, ensure slag line above the slope when charging scrap.
2. If there is pit on the bottom, lean the furnace backwards, use compressed air to blow the remaining steel and slag onto the slope, after furnace cooled down, fill the pot with ramming mass and make it flat, then make it compact with pneumatic rammer. If there is pit on the slope, repair it with the same method.
3. If cold maintenance is not possible, mix ramming mass with water and then do a hot repair, press until it’s compact.
4. Daily maintain the water cooling components, if there is a water leakage, handle it in time to avoid the furnace to be affected with damp, which could cause serious accidents.


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