EAF Back Filler

EAF Back Filler should be emphasized that the enhancement of by-products aims both at their use in the production of conventional artefacts and at the study and development of new products. Through a new destination of waste materials, large quantities of them will be saved from landfills and the extraction of raw material will be reduced.

EAF Back Filler Introdution:

In sealing systems, the EAF slag as a filler for NBR positively affects the compound properties. Moreover, NBR filled with EAF slag also has magnetic properties compared with standard rubber. During the steel production processes, dust and sludge are also produced but the slag is the main scrap, representing more than 90% by mass of all by-products. Since the slag consists of about 15% by weight of the produced steel. From the perspective of the circular economy, slag has a high potential as a co-product.


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