Iron oxide desulfurizer is a kind of solid desulfurizing agent, its principle is to put the sulfur-containing compounds in waste gas adsorption into the holes of desulfurizer, thereby purifying gas.As desulfurizer reaches saturation, namely its desulfurization ability is no longer, need to be recycled, such as by steam stripping regeneration.Ferric oxide desulfurizer, however, after using for a long time, its activity will continue to decline, as the holes is obstructed by some impurity content, the desulfurizer inactivation.The waste desulfurizer can be recycled, the active ingredient. Sulfur is one of the most unwanted and detrimental impurities within the steel that undesirably affects the properties and the quality of the steel. Thus, desulfurization (sulfur removal from liquid steel) is needed as a key process that is mainly achieved in ladles during secondary steelmaking.

Desulfurization occurs in two ways: During rising of the liquid slag particles` interaction with the molten steel and during the interaction of the accumulated top slag and the molten steel.The principle of desulphurization is to transfer the sulfur dissolved in the liquid steel to a CaO-rich slag phase. This process is typically carried out in a ladle furnace (LF).


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