Converter Furnace Patching Material

Converter Furnace Patching Material Advantages:

1. Patching material mainly made from high purity magnesia sand and synthetic dolomite sand, and mixed with wetting agent and agglutinant.
2. In high temperature ,which has performed flowability and can spread out automatically.
3. Scientific proportioning, low melting point, fast sintering speed,high adhesion, erosion resistance, long service life, environment friendly, suitable for patching broken departments
4. Saving time, energy conservation, improve furnace service life, does not pollute molten steel.

What is Converter Furnace Patching Material?

The purpose of a refractory lining in a basic oxygen furnace (BOF) is to provide maximum furnace availability during operation of the converter in order to meet production requirements and to ensure lowest possible specific refractory consumption. For achieving this, it is essential
(i)to optimize the design of the lining,
(ii)to optimize the lining maintenance practices,
(iii)to have good technological discipline during converter operation. Typical refractory lining is shown in the cross-section of a converter in Fig 1.
Several lining maintenance practices are employed to enhance the refractory lining life in a converter.

The converter generally needs to be repaired after the furnace used 1000heats and the refractory lining has begun to be damaged. Filling the furnace is an important operating process to increase the campaign life of the converter.

Due to the different working conditions of various parts of the converter lining material, the parts of the converter lining are unevenly eroded. Although the slag splashing technology can be lining by splashing slag, it is difficult to form a uniform slag layer on the surface of the lining, and it is also very It is difficult to repair the severely damaged parts. Therefore, the repair of the converter lining is a powerful measure to extend the life of the lining, equalize the damage of the lining, and reduce the production cost.

The main points of operation of the bottom of the furnace are as follows:

(1) After the furnace charge is fed into the converter, first shake the converter to the large surface -30°, then shake the converter to the front large surface +20°, and finally shake the converter to 0° to ensure that the sintering time is not less than 40 minutes. Bond in charge has to be completed at the bottom, the furnace was slowly shaking Tai Plane continue coal firing airgun 10min. Before the molten iron, first exchange 3-5t of molten iron in the furnace, shake the furnace, and wait for the black smoke after the furnace mouth to emerge, and then carry out the molten iron.

(2) The operation sequence of the bottom of the furnace is: shaking the furnace to the location of the scrap steel, adding the charge to the furnace with the scrap bucket, the amount of the charge is generally 1~2t; the reciprocating rock is generally not less than 3 times, the angle of rotation The angle of the hood is shaken at the mouth of the furnace; the oxygen is blown to open the charge, and the general gun position is 0.6~1.0m, the oxygen pressure is 0.6MPa, and the oxygenation time is about 10s.

(3)Baking. It is required to be baked for 40~60min.


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