Coil Grout

Coil grout is used in coreless induction furnace on the induction coil and Coil grout has a certain insulation effect. It is very suitable for melting gray cast iron, cast iron alloy, melting carbon steel, alloy steel, high manganese steel, stainless steel, melting aluminum and its alloy, melting copper, brass, white copper and bronze and other copper alloys. Coil grout is made of high alumina refractory materials and high temperature resistant adhesives. Used for coating the surface of coil in electric furnace to prevent the damaged by metal erosion.

Coil Grout Feature:

(1)Coil grout has the characteristics of high strength, high density, high insulation, etc. It is a grout specially designed to protect the coils of induction furnaces.
(2)The coil grout has good viscosity and is very convenient to apply. The smooth surface formed on the coil can cushion the expansion and contraction of the working lining.
(3)The coil grout can also effectively prevent the leakage of the molten metal and protect the coil from the breakdown of the molten metal.


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