Casting Powder

Casting powder is an essential component during continuous casting of steel. It allows for creation of a lubricating film over mould surface that prevents solidifying metal to adhere to the mould. This means that molten metal can solidify quickly and easily without any impurities sticking to it. Casting powder has the property of quick release of heat from the molten metal. Because of the use of additives, It gives a great performance at high temperatures.

Our factory is a known Casting Powder Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier in China. The Casting Powder is available with us for all types of steels and various casting formats like billets, blooms, and slabs.

Casting Mold Powder Features

This kind of mold powder is produced by washed low-carbon graphite as the base material and other fluxes. The casting powder has good lubrication and thermal insulation performance, and can quickly form a three-layer structure after contact with molten steel. It plays the role of lubricating mold wall, preventing secondary oxidation of molten steel and heat preservation of steel ingot head, which has strong adaptation performance and is better than other power plants ash, carbon rock -based, and red mud base type. It can be used for protective casting of steelmaking mould, which is effective in improving the surface quality and tail quality of ingot and prolonging the service life of ingot mold.

Manufacturer of Casting Mould Powder:

Casting powder creates a strong lubricating film on the mould’s surface, preventing the solidifying metal from adhering to the mould.
Casting powder facilitates quick and simple metal solidification by rapidly removing heat from the metal.
Casting Powder performs admirably at high temperatures thanks to its carefully chosen additives.
Casting powder improves the metal’s surface quality.
Rapeseed/Casting Oil is more expensive than casting powder.

How It Works:

Casting Powder contains low melting constituents that instantly generate liquid slag, which penetrates into the gap between the mould and the solidifying shell of the billet. Casting Powder is added in small amounts and continuously over the casting duration. The melting of the Casting Powder occurs slowly in layers. Hence, the top surface of the liquid metal in the billet / slab / bloom always remains protected from the atmosphere.


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