Carburant is composed of carbon-containing materials, deoxidizing agents, specific weight regulating agents and bonding agents in the certain weight percentage; the carbon-containing materials, the deoxidizing agents and the specific weight regulating agents are respectively crushed through a crushing machine and are respectively ground into powder materials through a grinding machine to be uniformly mixed in a stirrer, the bonding agents are added in the powder materials to be uniformly mixed, the powder materials are then made into solid particles in a certain shape by a forming machine, and the solid particles are dried and baked at a certain temperature in the prescribed time and then are cooled and packed.

Carburant Advantages:

The carburant for steel making is used for electric furnaces of 30 tons or rotary furnaces of 100 tons, the recovery rate of carbon is stabilized by more than 90% to 95%, steel has no carbon aliquation phenomena, and the carburant for steel making has the advantages of operating condition improvement, production cost reduction, popularization value and no environmental pollution of operation.

Carburant Application

1.Widely used for producing Anode Paste and Prebaked Carbon Anode for electrolytic Aluminium, application as additive in graphite.
electrode and carbon raiser production, also used as fuel for silicon metal smelting.
2. Used as basic raw material for carbon additive and foaming agent.
3. Used in chemical industry as the basic chemical source of sodium hydride and high pure CO.

The requirement of carburant

Due to improper batching or loading and excessive decarburization, sometimes the carbon content in steel or iron does not meet the expected requirements. At this time, carbon should be added to the steel or molten iron. The main materials commonly used for carburization are graphite fossil oil coke, low sulfur calcined coke, anthracite pulverized coal, carburized pig iron, electrode powder, petroleum coke powder, asphalt coke, charcoal powder and coke powder. The requirement for carburant is that the higher the fixed carbon content, the better, and the lower the content of harmful impurities such as ash, volatile and sulfur, the better, so as not to pollute the steel. The smelting of castings uses high-quality carburant after high-temperature baking of petroleum coke with few impurities, which is an important link in the carburizing process. The quality of carburant determines the quality of molten iron and whether good graphitization effect can be obtained. In short, the carburant plays an important role in reducing the shrinkage of molten iron.


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